Surinam Airways to fly on Cayenne by end October

ZANDERIJ – National carrier Suriname Airways has obtained permission from the French authorities for the Paramaribo-Cayenne-Belém route. Clyde Cairo, deputy director of the airline company, made the announcement at the open house at the Johan Adolf Pengel Airport last Sunday. Flights on the new destinations are to start by the end of October. Expanding with the Cayenne destination is in line with plans by Surinam Airways to strengthen its regional network. ‘We want to add a new destination to our flight schedule every year,’ Cairo explains.

The Belém destination is profitable to Surinam Airways. The carrier plans to add Fortaleza and possibly São Paulo. Fortaleza has a Dutch expat community which makes it an interesting destination for the Dutch market, Cairo explains. ‘We want to connect Fortaleza to Amsterdam via Paramaribo’. Currently Surinam Airways is also negotiating a partnership with China Southern Airlines and Cathay Pacific from Hong Kong, which would open up possibilities to fly on one ticket out of China to Paramaribo.

Surinam Airways plans to expand its fleet for flights to Europe next year. The mid Atlantic route is profitable to the company, Cairo claims. The festivities at Zanderij are to celebrate the company’s 50th birthday last month. ‘We earn from society, so it’s fitting to give something back,’ Cairo explains.

de Ware Tijd, 10 September 2012


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